From MercuryGriffin - What is the Meaning of Life anyway?

The Meaning of life is one of the great questions that has troubled mankind since discovering we had opposible thumbs. Thousands of years and one Monty Python movie later, we are still searching for the answer. remembering having written something on this before, I immediately consolted my file archives.

Search : what is the meaning of life?


Jerry Garcia's Brownies

Okay, I really need to start labeling my archive disks better... Guess I'll have to bake a new answer from scratch along with a fresh batch of Brownies.......mmmm brownies!

Actually as this one has been debated by the greatest of philosphers, religious fanatics, and drunkards for centuries (far too much info to go into the full scope of debate here) let me give you my personnal cliff notes answer "To experience what the universe offers us in the search for our own meaning of existance." Looking back at my file search... Let me add this - "Flavour to Taste" and "Results May Vary"

If you were looking for more, sorry... the brownies are done.

Keep those questions coming!


next day edit: Ya know, come to think of it... I think the search was right, the brownies are the key, I just keep forgetting the answer the next morning.

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