From Molly - are u really goth?

Well, first let me look at the Oxford English Dictionary definition of



• noun 1 a member of a Germanic people that invaded the Roman Empire between the 3rd and 5th centuries. 2 (goth) a style of rock music typically having apocalyptic or mystical lyrics. 3 a member of a subculture favouring black clothing and goth music.

— ORIGIN Greek Gothoi, from Gothic.

Okay, I'm not an ancient german that invaded the Roman Empire, so definition 1 is out...
I'm obviously not a style of music.... so again, a "no" to definition 2....
Hurm... number 3.... I favor black clothing and I enjoy goth music, so I guess I do fit definition 3...

Do I consider myself Goth? Not really, but in some ways it has been pointed out to me that I really am. I love the music, I love the fashion, I love the artistic expressiveness in the gothic scene. I feel at home within the arms of the "Goth Community". However, I am not at all what the mass media might have the world believe a goth is. I don't worship satan or any dark lords, I don't mope around all the time wanting to kill myself, I don't sit around and make plans to kill or bomb anyone. I don't sacrifice animals. I don't believe I am a vampire (although I do enjoy dressing in a vampiric style from time to time), I don't believe I have any supernatural powers or any of that other nonsense. I do however suspect the possibility that I am actually really the love child of Elvis and a young mexican girl ;)
I'm just a person whose tastes in music, clothing and decor, are a little darker than some peoples. No better or worse than anyone else. If that makes me "Goth" to anyone I guess I am.... But as I see it, I'm just me.

Hope that helps

* editor - It should be noted: The first sign of true "Goth" is the denial that they are "Goth"


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